1. What is a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?

A DBS check is carried out by the DBS on behalf of an organisation, with the worker’s permission, and is usually carried out as a part of an organisation’s recruitment and vetting procedures. The DBS is an executive agency of the Home Office and accesses the Children and Vulnerable Adults barred lists and the National & Local Police.

The results of the DBS are given on a certificate which is sent to the applicant and a copy to the organisation.

An Umbrella Body (UB) must insure that a completed application submitted to them is correct and that the information contained within is confirmed through comparison with original documents such as a passport; driving licence. (When applying for check guidance is given on what documents can be used).

The UB and the organisation are legally bound to securely hold information, not to reveal any information gained by the process or shown on the DBS Certificate. The UB must destroy all information gathered and the DBS Certificate within 6 months of issue.

2. What is a DBS check?

DBS checks are a critical part of the safeguarding process for staff with access to vulnerable adults and children or those in certain prescribed roles.

There are two kinds of DBS Certificate

1) A Standard Certificate reveals any criminal convictions from the age of 10 years old. However it does not check official warnings or whether the applicant is barred from coming into contact or working with children or vulnerable adults.

2) An Enhanced Certificate also reveals all criminal convictions (*unless considered spent) and official warnings issued from the age of 10yrs old and in addition it reveals official warnings and can, if requested, reveal the result of checking the banned or barred lists. It does cover those coming into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

(* this no longer means that all past convictions will be recorded but should ensure that relevant information for safeguarding purposes is available.)

3. How does our service work?

  • The applicant/employee/volunteer is setup on the system by the business unit or ourselves. N.B. No earlier than 3 months prior to start date in post.(see Q 4 below).
  • We/business unit create a user name/password and email a link with instructions to the applicant/employee/volunteer on how to complete the form online.
  • The manager is also sent a username/password to verify ID details.
  • The applicant/employee/volunteer uses the link to the system webpage and logs in to complete the simple, easy to follow form.
  • An automatic check will prevent the form from being submitted if it is incomplete or contains errors, saving time and frustration.
  • We send the applicant/employee/volunteer an email confirming that their form has been successfully submitted.
  • We notify the manager via email that the ID section now needs to be completed.
  • The manager checks the ID with that supplied by the applicant/employee/volunteer, enters the details and electronically submits the form to Integra HR for countersigning.
  • We check and countersign the form and send the form electronically vie e-bulk to the DBS for processing.
  • The results of the DBS are given on a certificate called a disclosure which is sent to the applicant, the applicant should then take this to their employer or the organisation that requested the check for verification.
  • The organisation via ebulk will be informed of the outcome but will not receive a copy of the disclosure or any information disclosed upon it.
  • The ebulk online DBS checks service is extremely fast. On average the turnaround time for DBS disclosures is 5 days, but some checks in particular enhanced checks with numerous addresses within 5 years and different names, may take longer.

Means no more paper. No more postage. Access anywhere by PC, Laptop or phone.

4. When should the applicant complete the DBS application form? 

As an employer, you should only arrange a DBS check on a successful job applicant. Please ensure that the DBS application is completed no earlier than 3 months prior to the applicant’s start date. If a DBS application is submitted more than 3 months prior to the applicant’s start date, any DBS certificate may be considered out of date before the employment commences. 

5. How long does it take?

Our eBulk Online DBS Checks service is extremely fast!

On average checks take about 5 days, but some checks in particular enhanced checks may take longer.